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What is Reformed Theology?

Luther Nailing His 95 Thesis to the Church Door

The Protestant church is under assault more than ever to give up the biblical distinctives that made the Reformation a necessity. Unfortunately, most evangelicals don’t know when the Reformation occurred, don’t know what it was about, and don’t understand the debt they owe men such as Martin Luther and John Calvin.-R.C. Sproul

Check out these resources:

Luther and the Reformation at

Monergism Books: What is the Reformed Faith,

What is Justification?

Justification is a legal term. A sinner is declared not guilty in the law courts of heaven. It is only by Christ’s atoning work on the cross that makes us acceptable to God. (Ephesians 1:7; Romans 4:5)

Check out these resources:

Monergism Books:
Westminster Shorter Catechism Q&A:

What is Sanctification?
The ongoing process of becoming holy and looking more like Jesus every day.  It is the Holy Spirit working within to convict us.  (Phil.2:13)
Monergism Books:

What is Calvinism? 

Often represented by the acrostic TULIP. The five points of Calvinism are Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistable Grace and Perseverance of the saints. “Simply put, The Five Points of Calvinism is the best and the most complete short introduction to the doctrines of grace.”
—Philip G. Ryken

Check out these resources:

For Calvinism by Michael Horton,

Monergism Books: Intro to Calvinism,

TULIP The Pursuit of God’s Glory in Salvation:


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